An interview with Sohn Tae-neon, the CEO of Jasmin Raroque, who promoted the brand value of Korea at Excel International Exhibition hosted in London.

Jasmin Raroque, a brand that contains the nature for the body, features products that everyone can use and developed in Korea. The reason that the brand is adored in overseas markets is that it harmonizes Eastern medicinal herbs, Western organic herbs, and the fermentation technique from Korea. The value of the products represent the passion and mission of Sohn Tae-neon, who wishes to take gift from the nature and use it to create healthy and beautiful life for everyone.

Sohn Tae-jeon, the CEO of Jasmin Raroque and Yeon Suk, the CEO of Korean Literary Newspaper

What did you achieve at the Excel International Exhibition as the Korean representative?

We received an absolute amount of favorable responses, even more compared to other countries who had booths at the event. We wanted to spend the short time at the international event to deliver the message from Jasmin Raroque, and decided to introduce Jasmin Raroque experiential performance to the audience.
The moment we began the experiential performance, the audience rewarded us with an explosive response, with exclamations such as “lovely!” and “perfect!” coming from all around, and people rushing in to see what we were up to. The customers who were moved by the effects of our products they experienced, which developed into reservations and further purchases.Thanks to the high volume of consultations with the buyers, the short schedule yielded much satisfaction and achievement. The recognition of Jasmin Raroque as a global super cosmetics brand gave us another reason and conviction to open up to the global market.

Excel London Dec 6-11, 2016

Which countries are you exporting to?

Before opening my business, we focused on research and development for thirteen years. In 2009, we went into agreement with Shinagawa Hospital in Japan before selling our products in the Korean market. Our agreement was an exclusive supply contract, which is continuing to this day.
Thanks to the media coverage and interest in Japan, we were able to spin the products as something that came ten years early on a technological scale. Such media coverage helped us open a new era in the Korean cosmetics market, and motivated other Korean companies to develop new products. The small scale of Jasmin Raroque forces us to go slowly and gradually, but we are proud that we serve as an excellent model for those around us.
In Korea, our products are expanding out of Gangnam, Seoul, by word of mouth, and we are currently exporting to Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Manila, U.S., China (currently testing in hospitals).


Why is your brand adequate for the trends of Seoul Global Tourism marketing?

When my company first opened, we were complimented on areas in which we did not expect to be during the planning stage. Our reference website shows the adequacy of the standards at once.
This international event helped us feel the accelerating development of the Korean brand value. The event provided us large-scale promotion from the national government that an individual company like ours cannot engage in easily, as well as marketing services from Seoul city government, and opportunities for overall technological collaboration. For Jasmin Raroque, this was an opportunity to expand our systems, marketing efforts, and products to the world. Selling certain items will help me earn money, but selling a system will help me share a vision of a healthy world with everyone else.
The system I am talking about includes maximization of product effects, simplicity of product use, as well as experiences in hotel, tourism, technology, personnel management, education. It will create jobs for many global citizens, and provide a thrust to generate global high added values and engine for growth. Jasmin Raroque’s system will be available in anywhere in the world as the Korean brand and a new cosmetic trend in the world market, delivering happiness and inspiration for our customers and everyone else.

Sohn Tae-jeon, CEO, Jasmin Raroque

How does Sohn Tae-jeon maintain health, and stay lively?

While many people are engaging in research efforts and we will continue to do so, but I think it is necessary to maintain seven types of balance to mitigate the loss of bodily function that people today suffer.

1. Washing out pollutants and seeking protection from them
(Harmless natural washing agent)
2. Repeated relaxation of tight muscles and detoxing procedures to help circulate lymph fluids (natural oils, washing agents)
3. Blood circulation (oil massage, exercise)
4. Improved hormone excretion balance, and bodily balance
(L’amour eternelle oil)
5. Improvement in the immune system (clean air, regular clearing)
6. Improved cognitive abilities through brain balance (Jasmin Raroque System)
7. Balanced eating habits (energy management)